Support Groups

Take the next step toward wellness for yourself or someone you love.


What is the support group about?

As an independent organisation in the community, Headspace MHM offers peer-run support groups where you will find comfort and direction in a confidential and supportive setting, where you can make a difference in the lives of others. The selection of services offered differs session to session, depending upon the needs of its participants. Most support groups are volunteer-run and provide self-help through facilitated meetings. Our support groups do not serve as group therapy; however, many of our sessions have professional advisers (typically a psychiatrist, psychologist, nurse, or social worker) from the community.

Benefits of support groups

Research shows that hearing from and sharing with others with similar experiences can be very helpful.


A support group can:

• Show you that you are not alone
• Help you develop new skills in relating to others
• Permit you to ‘open up’ and discuss your situation and feelings in a safe space
• Give you practical skills and advice – such as how to draw up and stick to a treatment plan
• Provide new coping strategies – share your solutions and learn from others’ experiences
• Strengthen your motivation to stick with a treatment plan.

Family members and friends can also benefit from their own support group as they learn more about the mental illness and become more constructively involved in the recovery.

Types of Support Groups

  • Face-to-face: Our face-to-face sessions are more personal and interactive where you will be participating in group meetings and will meet people from your community who can relate to your experiences. You may learn valuable information about mental health professionals and services in your area, as well as tips and techniques others use to manage their condition. There is a non-disclosure agreement that needs to be signed before joining the support groups, as there are sensitive/private information being shared.
  • Online video chat: Those who have internet can connect to appropriate platform (such as Zoom or Skype) at a specific time slot. Our time slots are normally about one and a half hours maximum.  There is a non-disclosure agreement  that needs to be signed before being added to the online platform, as there are sensitive/private information being shared..

How to join a
Support Group

To join any form of our support groups, please send us an Email stating which type of support group you would like to join with the following information:

• Name and Surname
• Contactable cell phone number
• Type of Support group you would like to join: Online Chat or Face-to-Face
• A few details about your Mental Health and what you are struggling with.

Our process may take up to 24 working hours to give you feedback and add you to our database.

Please note that all your information is private and will not be shared with anyone. 

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