Mental Health Training

Mental Health Awareness training empowers people from all walks of life. Knowing how to support each other with a mental health problem can make a huge difference.


What is mental health training?

Mental health training teaches you about common mental health conditions. Done well, it reduces the stigma surrounding mental health issues and to spot warning signs for complex mental health issues, such as cyber bullying, trauma, PTSD, depression and anxiety.
While all everyone can benefit from this type of instruction, mental health training is most often given to people in caring roles or those who interact with the public.
These can include Teachers, Healthcare providers, First responders, Librarians and Social workers

In addition to the above professions, corporate mental health training looks to managers and administrators as important stewards of your employee’s mental health. Many companies choose to train their managers to spot signs of excessive stress or other issues that might lead to mental health challenges among their staff.

Why is Mental Health Training important?

Mental health issues have always been a silent illness. A person can appear to be healthy and happy while concealing tremendous suffering. A broken leg in a cast is a visible sign of physical distress, but an someone experiencing mental health issues may seem outwardly fine.

Mental health training helps people to recognize the signs of mental distress in themselves and others. This helps them not only to handle larger crisis but also to intervene before the distress becomes an emergency.

Training Packages 

Mental Health Awareness 

You will understand that Mental Health Awareness is essential and those living with mental health issues are deserving of care, understanding, compassion, pathways to hope, healing, recovery, and fulfillment. It means educating people on what mental illness means, how to prevent it and to remove the stigma about it.

• Defining Mental health
• Detailing types of mental illnesses 
• Treatment and managing mental illnesses
• Stigma and discrimination
• Mental well-being 


Mental Health in a stressful environment

You will understand what the link between stress and mental health is?
Long-term stress can contribute to both physical and mental illness through effects on the heart, immune and metabolic functions, and hormones acting on the brain. Some of the emotional and behavioural symptoms of stress overlap with those of mental health conditions like anxiety or depression. 

• Defining stress
• Factors that influence and determine stress
• Organisational stress
• Managing stress 


Mental Health in the Workplace

Depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders and other mental health impairments can rise to the level of disabilities under the National Disabilities Policy and thereby require employers to make accommodations for workers with such conditions. In this course, you will learn about employee rights when dealing with mental illness.

• Defining disability
• Disability policies and legislation
• The different models of disability
• Psycho-social disabilities in the workplace
• Employing persons with psycho-social disabilities
• Reasonable accommodation
• Diversity in the workplace
• Inclusive workplaces 


Mental Health awareness ( For Youth )

You will gain skills on how to help an adolescent in crisis or who is experiencing a mental health challenge regarding social media and general challenges in everyday life. 

• Common mental health challenges for youth
• Social media and mental health
• How to deal with crisis and non-crisis situations
• How to overcome Bullying
• Helping a friend with Mental Health Issues 



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